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I teach Creative Female Entrepreneurs (Digital Nomad Women) and Small Business Owners to overcome self-limiting beliefs of using Business and Marketing technology. I provide guidance and consultancy services on how to use automated Social Media, Digital Marketing and Business Tools to assist in personal branding, establishing and growing an online creative entrepreneurship business. These tools are intended to help in acquiring new customers through automated systems and process in order to minimise the disappointment of " Hearing No," after chasing prospective clients and the overwhelm of maintaining daily mundane and repetitive tasks.

I believe that Digital and Social Media is a great vehicle which can potentially empower more women to startup their own online creative entrepreneurship ventures without feeling limited by their personal and environment circumstances.

I also support women to discover their Life Vision, Purpose, Passion through my online business course, so that they can actualise their online entrepreneurship goals.


I support you to minimise fear and overwhelm of starting up and growing your online business independently. I teach and consult with useful cost effective ways of how to startup with automated Marketing and Business Systems and tool. These resources and tools are intended to help you raise further awareness about your personal brand, product and services online without draining your financial resources from the beginning.

I support through online teaching and consultancy services to create an automated Online Digital Nomad Lifestyle and Creative Entrepreneurship Business. How to establish innovative systems, processes and services which are less labour intensive, so that you can have more time freedom to strategically focus on your creativity and grow of your online business.

The following list is example of the marketing and business areas, which I assist you with;

  • To discover the most essential part of a startup venture which is your Greater Purpose, Reason Why & Life Vision, in order to minimize the wasting financial resources and time due to lack of clarity on what your ideal business, or products and services should be.
  • To gain better clarity on who you want to serve as your ideal client.
  • To gain a better understanding on how to use Social Media Platforms and Professional Sites (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn). Including assisting you with outlining a Content Marketing Strategy (content ideas) and in creating Branding Images for Social Media/Website use.
  • Show you how to stop chasing clients manually and to create automated Marketing and Business systems, which work on your behalf.
  • Assist you to establish systems and processes such as Websites, Landing Page and Emails Marketing systems for automated customer acquisition processes.  
  • Help you to discover how to earn passive income as a Creative Entrepreneur and Digital Nomad for your blog sites/Content Creation as an Internet/Affiliate Marketer without having to create your own business products and services from scratch.
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My Consultancy & Mentorship Support Services.

Similar to Business Coaching, I teach you through Online Video Training, Mentorship and Consultation Sessions. I provide one-to-one, or group support all depending on the nature of our work and your preferred communication style.

I provide you with products and services, which are intended for educational purposes only and based on over 10 years professional and personal experience in Leadership, Management, Business Startups/Development. Including Social Media and Digital Marketing expertise.

I listen to your personal views, business entrepreneurship ideas and goals. Based on your ideas, I motivational support and identify useful business and marketing education resources to help with your Personal Development and Entrepreneurship Business.

I assist you to explore your self-limiting beliefs further, with the intention of enabling you to overcome them, through my online vision planning course . Discover how to start up your online business here.

Similar to coaching, mentorship and consultancy support is an opportunity for you to speak to someone independent. Someone who offer you constructive feedback intended to help you overcome mindset blocks including fear of setting up your own business and marketing systems.

It is an opportunity for you to implement outcome focused decisions and goals, which are more intuitively aligned with your Life Vision and Purpose Goals, as opposed to the next shiny bright object opportunity.

I do not tell you what you need to do, as I believe we all have our own personal answers from within us.

Unlike Coaching, I also provide you with step-by-step technical online support guidance on how to establish and grow your online business with Social Media, Business and Digital Marketing Tools. This includes how to automate your business to minimise the overwhelm of repetitive mundane tasks.

For instance, I walk through with you how to

  • Create your own Landing Page, Email Marketing System as part of the automated customer acquisition process. So minimise the task of contacting prospective clients manually in Messenger. This give you an opportunity to develop a nature relationship with your prospective clients (know, like and trust factor).
  • How to establish your Business with Google and to automate it.
  • Complete assessments of your Social Media Platforms and provide written feedback intended to help with your Personal Branding and attracting ideal clients.
  • Provide guidance on automated Social Media Tools, Graphics, Photo and Video Editing Tools.
  • Provide guidance on content creation ideas and how to brand your personality. Including Course Creation and Amazon Book Creation tips.

The list above is just an example of some of the areas that I can assist you with to minimise overwhelm and self-limiting beliefs of starting up and growing your business online, but it not only limited to this list.

I basically share with you everything that I have learnt so far and on a daily/regular basis through a step-by-step processes.


One-to-one introduction session and feedback session which includes written feedback/recommendations). Sessions are held online via video (i.e. Zoom or Whatsapp).

This offer also includes Small Business Owners

Visit the Q&A Section Here to learn more about Mentorship. Also the types of Consultancy Services.

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My Mentorship and Consultancy Services are most effective for women who are one, or more of the following;

You are someone who is ready to establish or grow your online creative entrepreneurship business, as a Creative Entrepreneur, Digital Nomad, or Small Business Owner.

You are interested in becoming a brand personality as a Content Creator (i.e. Vlogger/Blogger), Social Media Manager, or Social Media/Digital Marketing Agency.

Or you are interested creating/offering your own products and services.

You are looking to move beyond;

  • Feeling "stuck " and unfulfilled in your career. You are ready to take the leap and to independently start offering Independent Consultancy Services as an Independent Contractor, Freelancer of Entrepreneur.
  • You want to unlock a higher level of meaning and purpose in your life. To gain more clarity on what your true Life Vision and Purpose are in life.
  • You would to break free from self-limiting beliefs and overwhelm, which have been holding you back from living your life more purposefully and intentionally.
  • You want more self-fulfillment, self-love, a freer lifestyle with time freedom, where you can focus starting your own online creative entrepreneurship business.
  • You want to be feel more confident and fearless in sharing your creative ideas online (Video, Audio or Content).
  • You need more support with how to identify and attract your ideal clients through content creation and Social Media Platforms.
  • You need guidance support Social Media Marketing Tools, Content Creation, Branding Ideas & Graphics, Digital Marketing (Marketing and Ads), How to Create Websites, Landings Pages and Email Marketing Systems (Automated Sales Funnels).
  • You are looking for guidance and someone to Micro Influencer and Digital Nomad Opportunities.

Book Recommendations

Book recommendations to help you in overcoming self-limiting beliefs and in developing an Entrepreneurship Mindset. These are a list of books which have helped with my personal and entrepreneurship growth and hope you find them beneficial.

1. Good Strategy Bad Strategy, The Leader Who Had No Title, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind 4 Books Collection

2. Think and Grow Rich: The Classic Edition: The All-Time Masterpiece on Unlocking Your Potential

3. Sell or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way in Business and in Life

4. The Compound Effect, The 10X Rule

5. Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action

Access more books I've compiled together via my Amazon Click Here!

How did I go from being a Contract Quality Manager working in the Corporate and U.K. Local Government Sector to becoming a Creative Entrepreneur (Digital Nomad)?

Ten years into my career, I woke up to the realisation that I had been sleeping walking through my job. I was caught up in the fast paced London City lifestyle, in progressing further up the career ladder and trapped in the financial monthly stability that a job offered.

Given the choice, I would have become an Entrepreneur soon after graduating with a Business and Economics Degree from American London and Switzerland International Universities, instead of following the expected traditional career path. Reason being, I was not intuitively drawn to, or enthusiastic about working tirelessly and retiring from a life long traditional career 9-5 pm work model.

Even though, I instinctively chose a career which was linked to contributing to good causes in the community, I still felt limited in being able to exercise my creative entrepreneurship business ideas freely.

As a result, I created a three year career exit strategy with the intention to finally leave my career and start a business. During this period, I experienced sudden life challenging and challenging circumstances such as the risk of losing my job due to restructures, sudden losses of my dad and younger sister.

I also fell short of my three year career exist strategy and became chronically ill with a debilitating condition known as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. This was my final awakening experience, which left me with no other alternative option health wise, but to pursue my creative entrepreneurship goals. It took these life challenging events of loss, potential risk to my financial and health welfare for me to awaken further to the realisation that life was too short to not pursue what one is truly passionate about.

Lesson Learnt: Do not wait until it's too late to pursue your intended life vision and purpose.

I was held back by self-limiting beliefs:

Some of my self-limiting beliefs consisted of self-doubt, low confidence, fear of failure and success. including self-limiting beliefs of being an introvert (shy and reserved), which held be back from having the confidence to pursue public speaking engagements including video recording.

Although, I strategically and operationally managed a quality and contracts department, supervised Teams Leaders/Managers, supported over 400 contracted suppliers (Small Business Owners) and worked alongside Executive Management Teams; I still lacked the self-confidence and self-belief in my capability to startup a business independently.

I self-sabotaged every potential entrepreneurship opportunities, which caused me to feel nervous, or anxious due to fear of failure and success.

I was overwhelmed by the whole concept of completing a business plan and all the work it took to establish a business independently.

As a result of my fears, I shelved my creative business ideas more than I can count and procrastinated for many years.

Flash forward to today what helped me break away from my self-limiting beliefs?

1. Creating a three-year career exit strategy, empowered me to have more confidence and foresight into what I could realistically achieve within the three years.

My illness forced me to realise how short and fragile life is. It motivated me to take a leap of faith in myself.

2. Ongoing Personal Self-Development Work, Coaching and Mentorship and Entrepreneurship Courses (empowered me to start overcoming my self-limiting beliefs. To also shift my mindset from an employee to an entrepreneur.

3. Being part of Social and Professional Networks of like-minded people, empowered to embrace my creative side more and to accept my imperfections. To become more aware of my self-sabotage tendencies.

4. Independent Contracting and Freelancing Work gave me the opportunity to test out my Sales, Business Coaching, Social Media and Digital Marketing Skills. To also have insight into pre-existing businesses of what it takes to startup an online business.

5. I discovered my Life Vision, Reason and Purpose in Life which is to support Creative Female Entrepreneurs and Malawian Girls to actualize their entrepreneurship goals with the support of Social Media and Digital Marketing Tools.

My Life Vision and Purpose: As result of being able to overcome most of my self-limiting beliefs and using Social Media and Digital Marketing to startup my own entrepreneurship venture, I felt compelled to support like-minded women and young girls. I saw the benefits women like me could actualise for themselves as well. How Digital and Social Media empowers women to have a voice and to share their creative entrepreneurship ventures regardless of their background and limitations in life.

Most women especially feel less confident, or unaware of how they can leverage off Social Media and Digital Marketing to help them maximise their Creative Entrepreneurship Goals.

Digital Media has the potential to narrow the gender inequality gap (i.e., salaries, education, well-being) for women and girls especially those living in impoverished remote towns/villages. There is greater potential for women to contribute to innovative entrepreneurs ideas including sustainable development in their own communities.

To learn more about my Professional and Educational background Click Here!


For many years, self-limiting beliefs held me back from actualising my entrepreneurship dreams. Life changing and challenging circumstances compelled me to take a leap of faith in myself and to embrace my Life Vision, Purpose and Passion (Creative Entrepreneurship).

I consider myself a Global Citizen due to my international upbringing and education background of living and travelling in Europe, U.S.A., Canada and Africa. I am a Brit Malawian, born in London, spent part of my childhood in Malawi and grew up in U.S. and Europe.

I enjoy global travel, attending cultural festivals and artistic events. During university years, I backpacked on solo trips and with friends in Europe.

I enjoy blogging/vlogging and had never considered these activities as my creative passions from childhood, until I attend an Entrepreneurship Event year ago before leaving my full time career. From a very young age, I used to enjoy taking pictures and video recording family members or environments. I started creative writing (poetry) during childhood as cathartic experience to help me heal from personal life challenging experiences.

I recently become a Self-Published Author on Amazon; decided to take the leap and created my first practical guide handbook called "Start Your Online Business with A Life Vision Plan."

I believe there are no coincides in life. Looking back my past creative hobbies and passions, are what I am authentically connect with now. It also explains why I naturally and unconsciously gravitated towards becoming a Digital Nomad.

My illness has made appreciate the beauty of standing still, being more mindful and protective of one's overall well-being. To fearlessly follow my intuition and appreciate life in the present.

When I am not in my creative headspace, I love watching Foreign Movies/Series on Netflix. Including participating in leisurely activities, such as countryside/seaside walks. During the U.K. lockdown period, I reembraced dancing (i.e., Afrobeats ) and Yoga.

Good Causes (Live Vision & Purpose): During my career, I contributed to Adult Social Care and Health Good Causes.

As part of my life purpose and vision, I am committed to contributing to good causes associated with women and young Malawian girls.

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