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Empower Your Ambition with CfM Digital Hub

Our suite of tailored services are crafted to meet the unique needs of your venture, ensuring that your brand not only enters the market but makes a lasting impact.

  • Social Media Marketing: Engage and grow your audience with strategic social media campaigns.
  • Website Development: Build a professional website that captures your brand’s essence.
  • Landing Pages: Convert visitors into loyal customers with high-converting landing pages.
  • Email Marketing: Keep your subscribers informed and interested with compelling email content.

Consultancy & Mentorship Support Services

Our Approach to Business Coaching

Similar to Business Coaching, we guide you through Online Video Training, Mentorship, and Consultation Sessions. We offer both one-to-one and group support tailored to the nature of our work and your preferred communication style.

Our Expertise and Services

We provide products and services designed for educational purposes, drawing from over 10 years of professional and personal experience in Leadership, Management, and Business Startups/Development, including Social Media and Digital Marketing expertise.

We listen attentively to your personal views, business entrepreneurship ideas, and goals. Based on your input, we offer motivational support and identify valuable business and marketing education resources to aid in your Personal Development and Entrepreneurship Business.

Empowering Your Vision

We assist you in exploring and overcoming self-limiting beliefs through our online vision planning course, empowering you to kickstart your online business journey.

Mentorship and Consultancy Support

Similar to coaching, our mentorship and consultancy support provide an opportunity for you to receive constructive feedback and guidance from an independent perspective. We help you overcome mindset blocks, including the fear of setting up your own business and marketing systems, empowering you to make outcome-focused decisions aligned with your Life Vision and Purpose Goals.

Technical Guidance and Support

Unlike Coaching, we offer step-by-step technical support on how to establish and grow your online business with Social Media, Business, and Digital Marketing Tools. This includes automating your business to minimize the overwhelm of repetitive tasks.

For instance, we assist you in:

  • Creating your own Landing Page and Email Marketing System for automated customer acquisition.
  • Establishing your Business with Google and automating it.
  • Assessing your Social Media Platforms and providing feedback to enhance your Personal Branding and attract ideal clients.
  • Providing guidance on automated Social Media Tools, Graphics, Photo, and Video Editing Tools.
  • Offering content creation ideas and branding strategies, including Course Creation and Amazon Book Creation tips.

Comprehensive Support

The list above is just a glimpse of the areas where we can assist you in minimizing overwhelm and self-limiting beliefs in starting and growing your business online. We share everything we've learned through step-by-step processes to ensure your success.

Feedback and Sessions

We offer one-to-one introduction sessions and feedback sessions, including written recommendations. These sessions are conducted online via video platforms like Zoom or WhatsApp.

For Small Business Owners

Our services are also tailored to meet the needs of Small Business Owners seeking guidance and support in their entrepreneurial journey.

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Visit the Q&A Section on our website to discover more about our Mentorship and Consultancy Services.

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Clients Who Benefit Most from Our Mentorship and Consultancy Services

Who We Serve

We cater to individuals ready to establish or grow their online creative entrepreneurship business, whether they identify as Creative Entrepreneurs, Digital Nomads, or Small Business Owners.

You may be interested in:

  • Becoming a brand personality as a Content Creator (e.g., Vlogger/Blogger), Social Media Manager, or running a Social Media/Digital Marketing Agency.
  • Creating or offering your own products and services.

Our Clients are Ready to Move Beyond:

  • Feeling "stuck" and unfulfilled in their careers, seeking to take the leap into independently offering Independent Consultancy Services as an Independent Contractor, Freelancer, or Entrepreneur.
  • Seeking to unlock a higher level of meaning and purpose in life, aiming for more clarity on their true Life Vision and Purpose.
  • Breaking free from self-limiting beliefs and overwhelm that have hindered them from living more purposefully and intentionally.
  • Striving for more self-fulfillment, self-love, and a freer lifestyle with time freedom to focus on starting their own online creative entrepreneurship business.
  • Building confidence and fearlessness in sharing creative ideas online through video, audio, or content creation.
  • Needing support in identifying and attracting ideal clients through content creation and Social Media Platforms.
  • Seeking guidance on Social Media Marketing Tools, Content Creation, Branding Ideas & Graphics, Digital Marketing (Marketing and Ads), Website Creation, Landing Pages, and Email Marketing Systems (Automated Sales Funnels).
  • Looking for guidance and support in exploring Micro Influencer and Digital Nomad Opportunities.


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